AgeConnect -  help build friendships and community connections

Enhance Wellbeing

Enhancing the wellbeing of older people who are socially isolated and/or lonely by connecting them with people, activities and events within the community.

Value Contribution

Ensuring older people live a meaningful life through social integration and engagement, in a community that values their ongoing contribution of knowledge and experience.

Meaningful Participation

Empowering individuals to age well by optimizing participation in activities and groups that enhance a sense of belonging and purpose.

Community Collaboration

Engaging with community, health & social services to encourage collaboration and promote interventions and activities that reduce social isolation and improve integration.

Why does it matter

Being socially connected supports older people to stay in good health.  Things like losing a partner, poor health and mobility, failing eyesight or hearing, loss of a driving licence etc. can lead to social isolation and feelings of loneliness.  If this happens, it is important to do something about it.

It can be hard for people who are lonely to know where to turn for support – an Age Concern Social Connector can help people to make the right connections.

Our Age Concern Social Connector will:

        ·         Accept referrals for older people experiencing loneliness or social isolation and link them to activities and support to             meet their individual needs. Click here to download Application / Referral form.

·         Carry out community consultation to understand what social connection opportunities are available for older people in the Bay of Plenty area.

·         Work with other organisations, volunteers, and older people themselves to support or develop social opportunities.

·         Recruit and manage volunteers to help at activities, or with other tasks.

·         Provide information on what groups and activities are happening in the area.

Referral criteria

·         Be 65 or older

·         Must want to increase their social connection

·         Must agree to being referred to the service

Who can refer?

·         Older people themselves

·         Family member and friends

·         Health professionals

·         Community agencies

Want to help?

·         Enquire about Volunteering, click here


To find out more or to make a referral contact:

Age Concern Social Connector: Jenni Hurn Phone: 07 578 2631