OPEN DAY - International Day of the Older Person

22 Sep 2014

International Day of the Older Person

1 October

Visit us on our Open Day 10.00am to 1.00pm.   

Become a Dignity Champion – Bring a friend!

Become a Dignity Champion! We want a society where we all live valued lives. It is about respect and a healthy society that looks after its most vulnerable members. Everyone should be able to grow old with dignity. A Dignity Champion pledges to reject stereotypes and speak up against ageism and bigotry, question disrespectful practices and have zero tolerance for abuse, and be patient, polite and friendly, build relationships and get to know older people in their life.

The International Day for Older People on 1 October is an opportunity for Age Concern Tauranga to open its doors. Come on in! There will be a raffle for all new members, so bring someone new along to be a part of making a more inclusive society where older people are respected, empowered, connected and supported. You can sign up to be a Dignity Champion and be that person that makes a difference.