Home Maintenance and Safety

by Age Concern Tauranga, 9 Feb 2017

The Home Maintenance and Safety programme aims to help older people stay in their own homes longer by keeping on top of house maintenance and repairs. Often this work is put off because it feels like it is too hard or could cost too much.

There is an online checklist for inside and outside the house, which gives information on priority and who might do the repairs. You can download this tool here or visit www.goodhomes.co.nz  A printed copy is available from our office for a small cost.

If you would prefer to have your home assessed by a professional company, Age Concern Tauranga will refer you to Total Home Inspection Services, who have agreed to do the inspection for us at an agreed price. They will provide a report with photographs and give an indication of priority work. Age Concern will provide follow assistance.

Give us a call if you would like more inforamtion on 578 2631.