Communi-Tea Fundraising

by Age Concern Tauranga, 4 Apr 2019

Did you know that leaves from the Ginkgo Biloba tree have been found in fossils dating back 270 million years! No wonder it is well know for it’s use in helping to sharpen the mind and keep your wits about you. It is a key ingredient in Dr Stuart’s Extraordinarily Good Tea blend Ginkgo Plus along with Spearmint, Lemon Grass, Echinacea and Chamomile. Just one of the 13 blends available in the range.

You can shop online at, at the Age Concern office, or at our Age Concern monthly meetings.

A box of 15 tea bags is $6.50 with $1 per box sold going back to Age Concern fundraising efforts (when nominated at time of purchase).