Total Mobility Scheme -Taxi Vouchers


What is the Total Mobility Scheme?

Total Mobility is a nationwide scheme designed to help eligible people with impairments to use appropriate transport. In the Bay of Plenty, vouchers are provided which allow registered scheme members a 50% discount on taxi fares to a maximum of $25 on any trip, for example 50% of a $50 fare.

A book of vouchers is issued to each client, and a voucher is redeemed at the completion of each trip. Clients pay the other half of the fare to the taxi driver.

Total Mobility is funded by district councils and the NZ Transport Agency and administered by regional councils, so there are many local variations.

Joining Total Mobility

You will need an eligibility assessment to ensure you meet the national eligibility requirements set by the Transport Agency. There is a one off charge for this.

The definition of eligibility for participation in the scheme is as follows:

An eligible applicant must have an impairment that prevents them from undertaking any one or more of the following five components of a journey unaccompanied, on a bus, train or ferry in a safe and dignified manner:

  1. Getting to the place from where the transport departs
  2. Getting on the transport
  3. Riding securely
  4. Getting off the transport
  5. Getting to the destination

The following list of disabilities is an aid to assist decision making on the level of mobility impairment which would qualify for eligibility:

  • Inability to walk to the nearest bus stop or board and alight from a bus for reasons such as pain, respiratory problems, sensory disabilities, neurological fatigue, reliance on complex walking aids, or requiring the constant assistance of another person for mobility.
  • Total loss of or severe impairment of vision preventing the independent use of public passenger transport.
  • Intellectual, cognitive or psychiatric disabilities which may necessitate the constant assistance of another person for travel on public passenger transport.
  • People with impairments who meet the criteria for the Total Mobility scheme and are able to use bus, train or ferry services some of the time, but not all the time, are eligible for the scheme (e.g. people with impairments such as epilepsy or arthritis).
  • People who meet the criteria for the Total Mobility scheme and have an impairment that has lasted, or is expected to last for six months or more are eligible.

For more information on Total Mobility Taxi Vouchers, phone our office on 07 578 2631.