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What is the Total Mobility Scheme?

Total Mobility Scheme subsidiese taxi services for people with serious mobility constraints that prevent them from using public transport. It provides an identification card (see Privacy Statement) that enable users to receive a 75% discount on taxi fares to a maximum of $37.50 on any trip, for example 75% of a $50 fare.

In the Bay of Plenty Total Mobility is funded in partnership by the Bay of Plenty Regional Council and the New Zealand  Transport Agency.

Joining Total Mobility

You will need an eligibility assessment to ensure you meet the national eligibility requirements set by the Transport Agency. There is a one off charge for this assessment.

The definition of eligibility for participation in the scheme is as follows:

An eligible applicant must have an impairment that prevents them from undertaking any one or more of the following five components of a journey unaccompanied, on a bus, train or ferry in a safe and dignified manner:

  1. Getting to the place from where the transport departs       
  2. Getting on the transport
  3. Riding securely
  4. Getting off the transport
  5. Getting to the destination

The following list of disabilities is an aid to assist decision-making regarding the level of mobility impairment which would qualify for eligibility:

  • Being unable to walk (or equivalent) a short distance (e.g. 500 metres).
  • Being unable to recognise when you have arrived at the transport departure point.
  • Being unable to get from the footpath/platform onto the transport. This may involve ascending a few steps.
  • Being unable to travel without your condition deteriorating, and without distress or requiring theconstant assistance of another person for mobility.
  • Being unable to communicate your intenetions to the driver.
  • Being unable to handle money.

Having too much shopping to take on the bus, preferring taxis rather than buses or not having a bus route nearby are not reasons to join the scheme.

Are wheelchair accessible vehicles available?

Yes, please let the transport operator know you require a wheelchair accessible vehicle and are a Total Mobility member when booking your transport.

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